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We review each and every account so that we can maximize your savings.  From time to time, this may require that we change your auto or your home insurance to another of our companies.  We will be contacting each of you as to any recommended changes that we would suggest.  As you hear and read the advertising of all of the savings that claim to be available – listen.  How can companies offer you 40-50% off, and then others claim to save you 50% more off of that??  Sounds good, but after listening to all of the claims for discounting, if you really think about it, it appears that they will give you money  to write your insurance , which we all know is not the case. Some advertising can be very confusing. Also, many of the new options that will be offered will have an additional premium charge – not a lot is for free. It is so important to listen! At this point, the best savings being offered is by “bundling” your account – which is placing both your home and auto insurance with the same company. This will allow discounts on both your home and auto insurance. Keeping that in mind, it is also VERY important to remember – is it worth saving a few dollars on your auto insurance to risk that that company will not write your home insurance? Not many companies are seeking to provide coverage for homes in a coastal area such as Essex County. That is where we, as your agent, will be assisting you in making these choices and giving you all of the best options available to you.
Our companies are each providing a wide range of options and discounting. They vary from company to company and not all companies are offering the same combination of discounts. Some of the discounts and options available are:
•Companion Credits – both auto & homeowners insurance with the same company
•Loyalty Credits – renewal discounts each renewal year
•Motor Club Member Discount
•SBLI (Savings Bank Life Insurance) Credit
•Good Student Discount
•Student Away from Home Discount
•Driving Step Credits
•Multi Car Discounting
•Low Mileage Discounts
•Anti-Theft Discount
•Public Transportation Use Discount
•Airbags/Automatic Seatbelts Discount
•Driver Training Discount
•Advanced Driver Training Discount
•Over 65 Discount
•Vehicle Replacement Cost Coverage
•Optional Replacement Cost Endorsement
•Disappearing Deduction Option
•Accident Forgiveness Option
•Bail Bonds Coverage
•Enhanced OEM Parts Coverage
•Loan/Lease Gap Coverage
•Accidental Airbag Deployment
•Additional Travel Expense Coverage
As you can see, there are a wide range of choices. Not every one is right for you! With Babson-Elwell & Davis as your agent, we can assure you that we will review with you the best options available for your individual situation. The wrong choices that you “think” are saving you money may cost you more in the long run. This is no longer a system where one rate applies to all customers. What your friend, relative or neighbor is paying may not at all apply to your own individual circumstances. Don’t be mislead! We are the insurance professionals of the North Shore – please let us help you make the right choices! 

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