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How to Make A Claim

A word about claims:  As part of our service to all clients, our client service representatives at Babson-Elwell & Davis will assist you through all of the processes and filing of your claim.  We will not give you a telephone number to a company and expect you to “figure it out” for yourself.  The decisions and reporting of your claim can impact your policy, driving record, and the general processing of your claim.  We are here to help you with this process and to insure that you are aware of all requirements and procedures along the way.  Having claims is no fun and can sometimes be costly for you.  We want to make this experience easier for you, so please use this very valuable service that we provide to our clients.
Automobile Claims:
  All auto claims must be reported to our office no matter how small you may think the claim is.  If there are any other vehicles involved in the accident, it is imperative to obtain the information on the other vehicles and drivers.  Pay particular attention to the license plate numbers and jot them down right away.  In most cases, the insurance company, police in the community where the accident happened and the Registry of Motor Vehicles will require that you furnish an “operators report”.   That report is available on our website for you to download.  All accidents involving injury must be reported.  You may complete this on your own or if you need help, please call or bring it to our office and we will be happy to assist you.  We will be happy to make copies of your report and send them to the appropriate departments to avoid you making out the 4 necessary copies.  Please remember to be clear in your reporting of the accident as often times operators reports are sent in with such vague descriptions of the accident that it sometimes gets confused as to who is actually responsible for the cause of the accident.  Your detail and wording is needed for accuracy.  We are happy to assist you with this reporting and the filing of your claim.

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Homeowners Claims:
  If you have a sudden and accidental event that may be a homeowner’s claim, please notify us immediately or on the next business day.  Please remember to take all precautions to do as much immediate clean up as possible and to secure your property to avoid further damage until you have notified us or an insurance adjuster has arrived.  When in doubt, take photos.  If the damage will require a contractor, you may call your contractor, as in most instances, they will know the procedure required by all insurance companies.  If this is during the business day, please call our office.  If this is after business hours and an extreme emergency. , a representative from our office can be reached at home: (978) 283-7495 or by
cell: (508) 596-0928. Please use these numbers only if it is a real emergency and someone will be happy to assist you and work with you thru the claims process.
Business/Commercial Claims:
  Please follow the procedure as listed above.

After we have assisted you with filing your claim, if there are any additional questions or concerns, please call us directly. We will get the answers to your questions, and help you to complete any additional forms.

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